Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a beautiful week we have had. It is sunny and warm..YEAH! finally can enjoy being outdoors and going to start doing yard work and getting the flower beds up to par...They need alot of work! Got to clean them out and then get mulch. and then just wait for my beds to bloom. I love that I have bulbs in my beds. You don't have to do much care and they have plenty of water with as much rain/snow we had this winter. And this weekend don't forget to Change your clocks...Spring Forward!!!! I'm looking out my bay window and looking at my neighbors trees budding. It is so nice to see. And watching the birds come back also...well those that migrate. I think I will get Haley in her stroller in awhile and walk to the park and the end of our subdivision. Gotta Love Spring!

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