Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day I would like to forget!

Ok well yesterday Feb 3rd I would love to forget or I wish it would have never happen. I woke up and got around and left my friends house. I stayed over there because I needed to get out of the house and have adult conversation. When we left her house and was driving a car come over a hill and was in the middle of the road. I almost get hit and it isn't 8am yet..YIKES! I guess I should have stayed in bed. Ok so I go into town and go get breakfast at McDonalds...I sooner do I get home the phone rings. It is The Bank saying there is unusual activity on my account in reguards to my debit card. So I go to our online banking and sure enough there were charges that neither I or Ted had made. So I called the bank and they put a hold on the debit card so nothing else would go through. So I went to the bank got another debit card. Went and took Haley to story time at the library. Afterwards, I drove back home. So with that said there is more...YES MORE! I started putting things back up out of my overnight bag and sliced the tip of my finger and it bleed like crazy wasn't sure if it was going to stop. It finally stopped. Then I went to cut Haley's nails and well I cut the tip of her thumb on accident of course..Well blood was everywhere...all over her and I. I applied pressure washed it in cold water..did all I could do. So I ended up going to the doctor. They finally got it stopped. I did try to go to a neighbors but no one was home. It was bleeding alot. I may have worried to much but I just wanted it to stop. So that was my day...Yeah Me! LOL. needless to say I said I was not going to leave my house and I didn't.

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